Die Karolina
The true emergence of art and digital technology is
when the result is more than just the sum of its parts.
- Karolina Schröder


Early Years

I was born on July 9, 1946, in Zalaegerszeg (Hungary) as the third child of Vítéz Sáska József and Riszt Veronika Julianna. My interest in art took on a concrete form at a very early age. Encouraged by parents and school, I met the Hungarian painter Gyula Frimmel, who was affectionately called "Uncle Gyula" by his students. I listened his explanations spellbound, watched him working with fascination and fell in love with painting on the spot. That same day I applied to join his art student group and began my artistic journey at the age of twelve. My training with him lasted a little more than five years and ended only when the master passed away in 1963. These early years shaped my art not only through the knowledge imparted, painting also filled and opened my soul and was to become an essential part of my life from then on.

Second Spring

The communist dictatorship of the post-war years in Hungary was a difficult time for me, as it was for many. My life suffered, not just as an artist, under my political engagement, which was, and still is, a part of my being – as is art. The ever-growing desire for freedom and change made me find a new beginning in Germany in the summer of 1989 after an adventurous journey. Here my artistic soul blossomed again. Inspirations paired with regained creative power let new works emerge, some of which I made accessible to the public by participating in exhibitions and competitions. The enthusiastic reactions of the viewers inspired my heart and soul. At this time, the press and television began to take notice of me. Regional, national and later international exhibitions followed. The presentation of my person in the artist directory "Who's Who in Visual Art" felt as a special recognition of my art.

Digital Age

The new possibilities of the dawning digital age aroused my curiosity in the early 2000s. I began to experiment with the computer technology and came soon to realize with enthusiasm that traditional art and modern technology do not exclude but complement each other in a wonderful way. Extended autodidactic training and advanced self-taught techniques formed my style and my art became a symbiosis of traditional painting and digital art. The emergence of art and digital technology - where the whole is more than just the sum of its parts.